Link Party Statistics

Link Party Statistics is a metric available to any Link Party and it gives you an idea of how far your link party has gone.

A small graph icon appears at the top left of each Link Party and upon opening it up, you’ll be given some data about the link party.


Impressions is a total count of all the times the Link Party loads. Ιn other words, this includes the times your link party has been shown up in your followers’ browsers.

The Verified and Unverified Links tally shows how many of the submitted links have been verified or remain unverified, correspondingly.

The Total Link Clicks rate indicates the clicks the submitted links received in total.

The ideal Link Party will have both a high impression number and a high total clicks rate. Having both means that your Link Party spread far and people find interesting the sumbitted links to engage with.

How many impressions does your link parties receive?

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