Creating a responsive mailing list with InLinkz

Your mailing list is the most direct way for you to communicate with your readers. Even if you have an engaged audience, they might not check your blog regularly but they do check their emails on a daily basis. Υou need an email list so that you can connect with them.

An email list can have a great impact on your blog’s traffic (and revenue). No matter how important social media can be for your marketing strategy, the most effective and responsive channel to communicate with your audience is through their inbox. An email list can be vital to the success of your blog.

Once you have an email list established, you can utilize it to grow your blog. Email lists have proven to be versatile for building a trusting relationship with your readers; you keep them up to date, promote new posts, send notifications, promotions etc.

Link parties are great for increasing the number of your email list subscribers. Even if you have just started a blog or you have an established blog, link parties can help you build a responsive mailing list.

People that have landed on your blog and join your link parties share similar interests with you. They have already given their consent to be contacted when  they participate to your link party so it is more likely than they will be engaged with the email you sent them. This means more people opening your emails, clicking on links and taking the actions that you want them to take.

InLinkz Guest Page

The InLinkz Guest page provides a full record of entrants’ activity in your link parties. From the Guest page you can:

♦ Get entrants emails

An alphabetical list with all entrants’ emails is available in Guest page.

Use the pagination numbers at the bottom of the page to browse through the list.

Utilize the search filter to find one specific entrant’s email, for example, to locate the winner of a challenge.

Select an email address to be directed to Entrants’ History page.

View all the entries that have been submitted by this entrant to your parties.

♦ Get entries

Sort the entrants by the number of entries they have submitted to your parties and check who is the most active participant.

♦ Get latest entry

Sort the entries by the latest submission and view who was the last participant.

♦ Export emails

InLinkz allows you to export entrants’ details to an excel file for future use. Keep in one file participants’ names, the date they joined your party and the total links they have submitted to your parties.

♦ Upload it to MailChimp

Upload the emails of your entrants directly to MailChimp and use these contacts to your mailing campaigns. Trigger your entrants with professional looking content and bring them back to your blog.

Are InLinkz links nofollow?

Are Inlinkz links nofollow?

The quick answer is yes, they are nofollow.

We comply with Google webmaster guidelines, & especially the link schemes part, which may be relevant for link parties.

Regarding people that link to parties, outgoing links from the InLinkz widgets, are nofollow and there is not even an option to have them otherwise. This is done to not characterize the links as black hat link building and be penalized by Google.

So, as an InLinkz host, you will not pass pagerank to your readers (and you shouldn’t as Google would get pissed off) but you still register as your readers’ click source – which makes them link up again in the future as they can see where the extra traffic comes from.

On the other hand, an InLinkz linkup can help you build your incoming links by requiring backlinks to your website. Through the required backlinks feature of InLinkz, you can require from your readers to add a direct html link that points from their site to yours, which as you already know is most beneficial to your exposure.

Keep in mind that you need to provide a button or link to your readers yourself if you want this to be done properly. In any other case, readers will be free to construct whatever they want (which is not always the best for you). If you have a high-ranked blog, you would probably want to provide them with a button with a nofollow attribute set to its <a> tag.

As a rule of thumb, do require a backlink so your entrants’ readers can also visit your blog but provide yourself a button or link for them to put in their blogs, that has the rel=nofollow attribute set so you stay google-compliant.

And of course the usual benefits apply: increased traffic and social exposure which creates even more traffic & loyal readers.

We are constantly watching google’s guidelines, which are indeed targeted on a better web, and do our best to make the InLinkz widgets support this by connecting people & sharing talent, while complying with those guidelines so our users can benefit as much as possible from using them.

Script codes leading to InLinkz pages (e.g. the code) are also set with a nofollow attribute.

See the code breakdown of an InLinkz link (the nofollow attribute is noted).

Pin Links To the Top of an InLinkz Link Party

Sometimes you need to feature or promote some links that have been submitted to your InLinkz Link Parties. For this purpose, InLinkz has a special feature called Pin Links to the Top that will help you achieve exactly what you want.

Pinning allows you to keep links at top of your link party. This is a helpful way to highlight some important links/ posts that have been submitted to your parties so as your audience pays attention.

How to pin a link to the top

In order to mark links as pinned, all you have to do is follow these quick steps:

1. Go to your InLinkz dashboard and find the link party you want to pin the links.

2. Click to view the Entries.

3. Search for the link you want to pin. If you have a lot of submissions, filter the entries by using a keyword or entrant’s email:

4. Click on the green button on the right to pin the link.

5. Click on the blue button to proceed.

6. Click to view the party.

7. Refresh the page and the pinned link will be show at the top of the party.

Additional information on Pinned Links

♦ If you pin more than one links to the top, the links will be sorted at the top from the oldest submitted link to the most recent.

♦ It might be required to wait a few seconds before the pinned links will be moved at the top. Refresh your page a few times.

♦ To remove a link from the top, go to the entries page and click on the orange button next to the link to unpin it. The link will be returned to the initial position.

Drop the index numbers when you pin links

When a new link is submitted to an InLinkz Link Party is assigned with a number. This number cannot be changed even when you have this link pinned to the top of the link party.

To avoid having mixed index numbers in the party, enable the “Don’t show the index number for each entry” box for this party.

Once you check it, your link party will be shown like this:

Learn how to enable it here.

InLinkz Link Parties | Filtering your links

Let’s say that you have submitted a bunch of links in numerous InLinkz link parties and you want to have an overview of your entries.

Logging into InLinkz, you are able to get a detailed overview of

*the links you have submitted

*the parties you have joined and

* the clicks you have received for each of your entries.

Joining link parties might be a fun experience but, if you are a blogger you might also want to see the benefits from linking up. You have spent some time posting, linking up, visiting other blogs and leaving comments, so being able to filter your links and exporting some information helps you schedule your linking strategy better.

Login to InLinkz

Login to using the same credentials you use to link up.

If you are an entrant to InLinkz Link Parties, once you sign in, you will be directed to a page that will look like this:

If you are a host, click on the arrow next to your name to open your Entries history:

Basic information

All the links you have submitted, even the deleted links, are shown on your dashboard. If you are joining a lot of parties, this will help you keep track of the parties you want to participate so as not to skip any.

(1) Click on one link to be directed to the original post.

(2) Click on one Link Party to open it in an InLinkz external page. If the party is still open you can submit a new link from this page as well.

(3) Sort the links by the clicks they have received to see which was your most popular link.

(4) Sort them by the submitted date to put the most recent first or vice versa.

(5) Click on the bin to permanently delete a link from a link party.

Links details

Click on the details to expand and see:

(1) which image you have used for this link

(2) the caption you have entered

(3) the exact URL of the post you have linked up through (Referrer URL). This is useful in case of blog hops, where the same link part appears on multiple blogs.

Filter by Date

Filters allow you to display entries that meet specific criteria. For example, you may want to see which links were submitted at a specific period, let’s say during May.

Set the filter to reflect the above period and  display only the entries during May.

If you want, you can include multiple values; sort for example the links by clicks and see which links got the most clicks during May.

Filter by Link

Combine both filters to extract information for only one link.

Select a link from the drop-down menu and see the performance only of this link for the defined period.

Check the example below.

It is clear that the same link performed differently based on the clicks it got on two parties.

Tip: Track your links for a while to extract safer results for the effectiveness of a Link party.

Click on the x to reset the filters.

Link parties | How to keep your followers in the loop

As a blogger you know that your followers are one of the most valuable assets of your blog. Even if the social media platforms or search engines change their algorithm, your followers are yours to keep.
Running link parties is a great way to keep your followers active and interact with them. In fact those who love your parties would like to be ensured that they won’t lose any of your upcoming parties.
Explore below to learn how you can keep your followers in your loop.

How an entrant can start following you

InLinkz allows entrants who participate in your link parties to become your followers by simply putting a check on the “Follow host” box while on the linking page.

Once an entrant becomes your follower, you will be able to send them a notification directly from your InLinkz dashboard to their inbox each time you run a new link party.

How to notify your followers

Here is how you can notify your followers (aka the entrants to your party) with three only steps:

1. Simply click on the “email followers” link on your new linkups board, as shown below:

2. Select the blog where you will host the link party.

3. Send the notification to the people that follow you.

The notifications that the followers will receive will look like this:

You can send them an email notification either when you create the new party so as to have enough time to schedule their entries or when the party opens so as to be RIGHT there when the party is ready for entries.

A new link party just opened. Join now

Encourage those who participate in your parties to start following you and not miss any of your link parties.

Let people join your challenge only with an image (no blog needed)

Challenges are a popular way to attract more followers, engage your audience and increase blog’s visibility. They’re also a great practice for online shop owners and marketers, as it can boost sales and grow their business.

Blog challenges offer a lot of value to your readers and keep your blog fresh by producing authentic content created by them (User-Generated Content).

A challenge, while it might require some preparation from you to nail down an enticing theme, set up rules and select the appropriate prizes, only takes a few easy steps to launch it with InLinkz.

Let’s explore how an InLinkz challenge works and how to host a challenge where everybody can join, even if they don’t have a blog.

What’s the new option in InLinkz challenges

Heretofore, in order to join an InLinkz blog challenge, it is required from entrants to submit a link, which usually is the URL of their blog post or their social account. Now,  hosts can allow their entrants to join a challenge (or a giveway), even if they don’t have a link to sumbit. 

How to set up a challenge open to all.

1. Go to your InLinkz dashboard and create a new party.

Create an InLinkz link party

2. Fill in the basic details of the challenge. Set your terms and conditions.

Enter challenge details

3. Enable the This is a Giveaway option, if you want to pick a winner randomly at the end of the challenge.

InLinkz giveaway

4. Enable the “Allow entries without a link” option. Click to create the challenge.

4. Copy the code and add it to your blog while on the html mode.

5. Once the challenge opens, the +Add Links option will be shown. The challenge is now ready to accept entries.

How entrants can participate without entering a link

1. Participants can join the challenge by submitting a photo according to challenge rules. In case they desire to proceed without entering a link, they simply have to select the corresponding option on the link page, as show below:

2. Once they click on it, the widget will automatically switch to the upload function.

3. The entrants can now save an image on their computer and drop it in the widget.

4. Once they bring the image in, the only thing left is to enter a caption that describes the image, adjust it to fit, if necessary and save.

5. Here is how it will look like when the image is added successfully.

6. Since no link will have been assigned to this image,  people that click on that image, will be directed to an InLinkz-hosted page to view it in a bigger scale.

If your audience loves your challenge and they desire to get notified eveytime you host a new challenge, then they have the option to start following you:

Spread the word

InLinkz encourages entrants to spread the word about a challenge by providing easily sharing buttons for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way for the host (you) to reach a wider audience.

Don’t miss promoting your challenge and talk about it on your own social networks and invite people to join so as to increase your exposure.

How to quickly add links to LinkUps using History

Starting today, you can add links quickly to multiple linkUps using the recently-introduced History function.

The History is an incredibly useful feature designed to increase participation in link parties. Without much fuss, entrants are able to add the same links to different link parties with just one click!

Entrants don’t need to remember each specific link they have entered. Neither re-type the captions nor set cropping parameters for images, since it’s all in the History.

To use the History function:

1. Click to switch to History mode.

2. Your last added link will be displayed by default.

3. Click on the dropdown menu, if you want to select another link. Inlinkz will show you a list with the last 10 links you’ve added.

4. Scroll through and choose one link. Save.

5. Disable the history mode by clicking on the relevant button

How to run a blog giveaway with Inlinkz?

Running a blog giveaway is a great way to skyrocket your blog’s exposure and increase your audience.

Usually, setting up a giveaway is a time-consuming process that seems daunting to readers.

InLinkz can help you run a giveaway the easy way. Not only saves you from doing things manually, but also makes entry easy for your readers.

Here is how you can set up an InLinkz giveway in only four steps:

1. Go to your InLinkz dashboard and select to create a new link party

2. Enter the basic information regarding the giveaway, such as the opening and the closing date, the entry requirements/ rules as well as the prize details.

3. Click on the Giveaway checkbox and your giveaway is ready to be launched.

Once you have created a giveway, a purple gift icon will be displayed on the party’s board which indicates the giveaway.

4. Add the code to your blog while on html mode and invite your readers to participate in your giveaway.

Spread the word!

Notify your followers about the upcoming giveway by enabling the corresponding option from your dashboard:

Once you have activated it, an email notification will be sent to your followers.

How to pick the winner

Once the giveaway period ends, you can use the widget to pick your winner.

1. Click to preview the giveaway or the gift icon to manage your giveaway.

2. Select to pick a winner by clicking on the “pick a winner” link.

The system will randomly select a winner from the participated entrants.

Keep in mind that only entrants that have verified their emails are eligible to win.

After you pick a winner, the winner’s link will be marked as purple in your collection.

Announce the winner on your blog as well as on your social networks for gaining more views on your blog.

Editing or deleting a link from an Inlinkz link party

Once a link is submitted in an Inlink link party, entrants as well as hosts have the option to edit it or even delete it, in case of a faulty submission.

As an entrant

Entrants can edit or delete their own links after submitting.

To do that:

*Simply hover over the link you want to change

*An edit and a delete option will be displayed on the right bottom

Edit a link in an Inlinkz link party

Edit a link

*Click on the pencil icon

Edit a link in an Inlinkz link party

* On the pop up window, change the URL (1) and the caption (2) of the submitted link. Save (3)

Edit a link in an Inlinkz link party

Delete a link

* To delete a link, click on the red bin.

Delete a link in an Inlinkz link party

* The link will be removed

 Delete a link in an Inlinkz link party

! Remember, there is no chance to recover a link, once it is deleted. It is a permanent change.

The edit and the delete options are visible only to the entrant and only from the browser they that have entered the link. Cookies should be enabled as well.

As a host

Hosts can also edit or delete entrants’ links.

*From your Inlinkz dashboard, click to preview a link party.

Preview an Inlinkz link party

*Hover over the link you want to change and select to edit or delete the link

Edit and delete a link in an Inlinkz link party

Keep in mind that we cannot restore deleted links. Only delete a link if you’re sure.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to use InLinkz

How can I add the time for opening and closing the LinkUp. I cannot see a clock!

As soon as you click on the date you want, the clock will pop right up!


I can see some entries in my LinkUp that are not there when I go to my dashboard. What are these?

Free accounts are ad-supported and the links you see are ads. These keep the service free and you cannot remove them. If you upgrade your account, the ads are instantly removed. When your account expires or you fall back to the free plan, the ads are re-added to your LinkUps.


How can I set up InLinkz to send me an email whenever a user adds a link to one of my linkups?

Log in to the new Inlinkz platform:
Click the profile icon (1) and select Settings from the drop down menu (2).
Click on Email Preferences from the settings sidebar (3).
Select the frequency option that reflects your needs (4).
Click Save changes (5).


How to make a linkup’s background transparent?

Click to create or edit an Inlinkz link party.

After having set up the basic information, click to expand the +Advanced options.


Select to Use Transparent Background.


Click to create/ save.

Here is how a Inlinkz link party looks like with a white background:


And here is how it looks with a transparent background:


Why some new submitted links are hidden from my link party collection?

If you have enabled the require backlinks option from the +Advanced options while creating your party, then, each time a entrant submits a link that doesn’t comply with this ruleset, this link won’t be displayed in your collection, until you moderate it.


Once you approve that link, it will be displayed normally in your party. Of course, you have the option to remove it from your collection and permanently delete it from your collection.